Reports Suggest Crytek UK Has Stopped Work on Homefront: The Revolution.

Right now the internet is split into two sides: the first side shows genuine concern for those effected by the current troubles over at Crytek UK, and then there’s the other site which cares more about the fate of the upcoming Homefront title, Homefront: The Revolution. Right now, I’m a little on the fence between the two, but slowly edging towards concern for those who are rumoured to be either walking out of their job, or as the latest report suggests, are refusing to work until they get paid.

The news comes once again from Kotaku who has heard from various sources which suggest that the financial troubles at Crytek’s UK division, which is currently heading the development of Homefront: The Revolution, are very much real. The tips that Kotaku has received reveal that employees have gone over a month without pay but pressure on the development of the upcoming Homefront title mounts. One source goes as far to reveal that over 100 staff members have left the offices.

Sources have also revealed that rumours around the studio suggest that Crytek and Homefront publisher Deep Silver are currently in talks over the future of the developer. There’s hopes from employees in Crytek UK offices in Nottingham, that the publisher will purchase the studio and hopefully continue funding development of Homefront: The Revolution.

More on this as it develops..

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