RUST, whether you’ve played it or not it’s up there as one of those weird yet wonderful survival simulation games, sometimes they can be fun, sometimes they can be a little too serious, especially when you’d rather just run around like a lunatic blasting the hell out of everyone. Well, thankfully if you’re a fan of Facepunch Studios, you’ll be pleased to know that they have you covered with a new arcade-shooter called “Riftlight.”

This new shooter, according to the first post on the development blog, is an arcade-shooter with “light-RPG” elements. It’s basically a twin-stick space shooter, with the addition of character levels, abilities and talent trees, it’s going to be “colourful and different” and not just a series of black space and stars. There’s also going to be no space jargon either, if you want to know which gun is going to blast things to pieces, it’ll tell you. So far the game is in a very early prototype form and compared to the quick gameplay video and the concept art, there’s still a long way to go.

If the game becomes a reality there’ll be three classes, Ranged, Caster and Melee all of which are pretty self explanatory, though you’re probably wondering; “a space shooter with a Melee class? WAT?” well this is Facepunch Studios, they don’t do things you’d normally expect.. ” I wanted a class that was different to what you’d expect from a shooter game. So I’m trying out a class that can’t shoot – in a shooter!” said Facepunch’s  Adam Woolridge.

As you might expect with the current trend, each play though will be different, Woolridge used the word random a lot in the games description. “Random level layouts, random level sections, random missions, etc is the plan here.” He’s also pretty keen to get a playable version out into the world. “Gameplay! I want to get a super-early playable version out so people can try it out, and for that I need some decent early levels and content.”

For more concept artwork and even a quick gameplay video, head to the source link below!


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