Saints Row developer Volition has announced that they’re planning to take on an additional 100 staff bringing its studio size up to a total of 300, so it’s probably safe to say another Saints Row is definitely on the way?

Volition is probably best known for it’s ridiculously crude – yet hilarious Saints Row series which sees players fire Dubstep Guns and hitting innocent pedestrians with big purple dildos to eventually becoming the president of the United States, but it also has the incredible Red Faction under its belt as well as The Punisher game from 2005.

Along with the additional staff, the company is also planning a $200,000 remodel of its Champaign, Illinois headquarters, and is asking the local government for financial assistance too, which if successful, according to GamesIndustry International, will see the company getting a contribution towards its remodelling costs and up to $1000 for each new worker hired.

So it’s highly likely that we’re going to see the reveal of Saints Row 5 pretty soon, if not by the end of the year.

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