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Did anyone with a Samsung device ever use the Samsung App Store? I don’t think I ever did… I guess most of the more phone-specific apps offered by Samsung are pre-installed on your device before it reaches your hands, so I never really thought there was a whole lot of use for it. Also, after the horror that is Samsung Kies, I didn’t have a lot of hope for any other software Samsung was producing.

The App Store has been chock full of third-party apps for some time now and is a healthy alternative to the ubiquitous Google Play, and now they’ve given the store a bit of a makeover and a new name: Samsung Galaxy App Store. The new store will feature apps that allows greater customisation of your mobile device, and there will be plenty of promotions and discounts.

They’re putting a big emphasis on Galaxy devices – going as far as to feature it as one of it’s three main categories; Best PicksTop, and For Galaxy.

The For Galaxy category includes another four sections: ‘Galaxy Gifts offers premium apps exclusive on Galaxy devices, Galaxy Essentials delivers must-have apps for Galaxy devices, Apps for Professionals is the home of business focused apps and other services that fully make use of the features in Galaxy devices and Galaxy Specials lets you download apps specifically created by using Samsung SDKs.’

Great! Or is it? I’m usually pretty quick to root my devices to get rid of all the Samsung bloatware put on my device, so a store full of this bloatware sounds like a horror story to me. What do you think? Do you use the Samsung software often?

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