Save it for later! That’s the new idea behind Facebook’s new feature. Available on all forms of Facebook whether it’s android, iOS or on the web, you can stop worrying about forgetting to read or watch things that you see in your newsfeed.

We have all done it. Had a quick two minutes to ourselves or just need to pass time while on some form of public transport, so we have taken out our phone and gone straight to our Facebook newsfeed. Then there is a video with the status “This is amazing. LMAO” written above it, which you just know you have to watch but you are not in a position to at that point. Well up until now you would have to battle with one or two things later: either you have completely forgotten about it or you are searching the newsfeed but are damned if you can find it.

Well, the aim of Facebook’s new Save button is here to make sure that you never miss another detail. You can save lots of different things like links, places and music for later when you have the time to watch/read through it. All you have to do is either hit the save button or use the drop down menu on the top right of the box and select save.

Saved Facebook

Once an item is saved you can just click on “Saved” to be taken straight to them all and work your way through as you like. And if you still forget to go back and have a look at them, Facebook will gently remind you by popping a carousel in your newsfeed with all of your saved stuff in.

Facebook have decided that now is the time to go live with the feature after testing it back in 2012 and also March this year.

Facebook Saved

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