Facebook is currently on the final stages of pushing out it’s in-app messaging feature in favour of the standalone Facebook Messenger. The social networking giant is currently forcing its users to download the Facebook Messenger app as it moves closer to completely removing the messaging tab in the iOS and Android apps and replacing it with a hotlink to either download the Messenger App or open it if the user already has it installed. Though it seems a little unfair to force users to download another app, it seems to be in Facebook’s best interest.

I’m definitely in two minds whether Facebook’s forceful nature behind getting people to adopt the Facebook Messenger app is a good thing or a bad thing. On one hand, Facebook will be able to provide much better support for their messaging service with teams focusing on the main Facebook app and the Messenger app – this means things may move on much quicker and we could see more frequent improvements on both apps. On the other hand, forcing people to download another app is a bold move especially considering those with lower-end handsets that don’t exactly come with a lot of space and even those with handsets with no expandable memory. But no matter how much I grumble, it’s still happening.

When exactly Facebook will make the change is unclear as various users on different handsets have been receiving different notifications since Spring, and those in Europe were given two weeks to make the switch.

Facebook’s decision to remove the messaging service from the main app comes after a series of trials in Europe received “positive results,” since then Facebook have been busy encouraging people to make the switch. Facebook have said that those who made the switch to Messenger reply about 20% faster, and separating the two apps will give the company the ability to focus on each individually. Thankfully this only applies to iPhone and Android apps as mobile web, iPad, feature phone, Windows Phone, Paper, and desktop users can still message as they usually do – for now anyway.

What are your thoughts on the forced migration to the Messenger App? Let us know in the comments below.

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