Candy Crush Saga

Have you ever been so addicted to playing online games that you just had to sell your kids for some much needed in-game cash? No? Me neither, but according to a report from Sanxiang City News newspaper (translated by ABC News, via a Chinese couple sold all three of their kids to fund their gaming habits.

It seems ridiculous, and it is, but apparently it happened. The parents, who were both under 21, sold all three of their children for a total sum of around $9700 to fund playing online games at internet cafe’s. They began with their youngest child, a baby girl, selling her for less than $500, which was followed by the sale of their first child, a boy, for about $4600, finally they sold off their third child, also a boy, for the same amount.

How did they get found out? The man’s mother discovered what they had done and reported the couple to the police. But here’s the best part, in a statement the couple said, “We don’t want to raise them, we just want to sell them for some money.” They’re also claiming they didn’t know they were breaking the law… by selling their children for in-game cash.

What game(s) the couple were playing has not been disclosed.

Now, I’ll admit, I’ve been the first to ponder buying a ticket on Candy Crush Saga in order to get over the bridge and not spam my Facebook friends with requests, but selling a child.. not even once.

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