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Although not particularly popular or critically acclaimed like your other next-gen reboots  (The Last of Us, Halo), Shadow Warrior will be getting a re-release on PS4 and Xbox One.

The next-gen version of the previous-gen reboot of the even older-gen game, will be getting the expected upgrade in graphics, although due to it being a recent game don’t expect a massive jump in visual quality. The developers will also be adding an arena mode so you can mindlessly kill even more hordes of enemies, as well as new weapons inspired by Devolver Digital’s other games including a Hotline Miami Katana, the Serious Sam 3 Sledgehammer and then two other Katana’s.

Finally there will also be new campaign content featuring the head of Zilla Corporation. Shadow Warrior’s PS4 and Xbox One versions will release on 26th September 2014.

For those that don’t know what Shadow Warrior is, the game is a reboot of the 1997 game, Shadow Warrior. You play as the immature but incredibly talented killer Lo Wang, sent by his boss to retrieve a legendary sword. Praised for it’s humour, combat(in particular swordplay) and old school style, Shadow Warrior enjoyed reasonable success and generally positive reviews in 2013. Should you not own a PS4 or Xbox One, it is available on PC on Steam and

You can check out our review of Shadow Warrior, here.

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