You read that title right. Shovel Knight, the great classic platformer from Yacht Club Games, is a true flashback to the NES/SNES era of gaming.

So it just wouldn’t be right if they didn’t include a bunch of fun cheats! The way you activate them is also very retro: Name your save file the code and it activates!

For example, if you title your save “SJPACXWH” you’ll start the game with the Flame Wand item and unlimited magic to use it with, or using the name “XQGRITOH” will give you a pleasant mint coloured armour for Shovel Knight.

Of course the sillier the cheat the better, so the devs included the almighty Butt Mode. Use the name “WSWWAEAW” upon creating your save to have several recurring words in dialogue, such as Shovel, Knight, Health, Magic, etc, be replaced with Butt. It’s totally dumb of course, but great immature fun if you don’t mind sacrificing the ability to unlock the in-game feats.

There’s a google doc out there with 300+ codes, but I found the ones I’ve mentioned in a Steam thread.

If you own the game, check out the codes! If you don’t… you’re doing something wrong. Read my review and realise that you’re missing out!

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