In what feels like more of a step back than a step forward, EA announced that The Sims 4 wouldn’t include toddlers and more controversially, pools. But there’s a good reason for the lack of these two iconic features from the franchise, and Maxis’ Rachel Franklin explains why in a little more detail on the official Sims website.

Following fan outcry over the news that The Sims 4 will lack toddlers and pools, Frankin explains that in order to bring all of the brand new features to the game, some things had to be cut, it was a “hard pill to swallow” explains Franklin, but ultimately despite the lack of these features, The Sims 4 is set to bring a much better and deeper game.

“It begins with new technology and systems that we built for this new base game for The Sims — a new AI system, new animation system, new audio positioning tools, new locomotion logic, new routing intelligence and much more are all entirely new in this game,” Franklin wrote. “The vision for The Sims 4 is a new experience that brings your Sims to life in deeper and uniquely personal ways — through emotions, personality traits, behaviors and interactions. To do that, our technology base needed a major upgrade.

“So the bottom line is that when we sat down and looked at everything we wanted to do for this game, all the new tech we wanted to build into it, the fact was that there would be trade-offs, and these would disappoint some of our fans,” she added. “Hard pill to swallow, believe me, but delivering on the vision set out for The Sims 4 required focus. Focus on revolutionizing the Sims themselves.”

She explains that choosing to omit toddlers from the game was to include better emotions from our little Sims, including improved motion and interactions as well as more tools in the Create-a-Sim toolkit, ultimately offering better Sim behaviour. Pools on the other hand, the excuse seems a little flat. The reason for the lack of pools in The Sims 4 was to bring better features to the build mode, such as the added manipulation of landscapes, the ability to build a house room by room, and the ability to exchange custom rooms much, much easier.

This sparks the question, how am I going to drown my Sim now?

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