The Sims are at it again and this time with even more emotion. That’s something that EA and developers Maxis want to get lodged in your head with the the latest instalment into The Sims series and the latest clip backs that claim up. EA’s big on emotion this year and they’re making sure you know it, even if it sends you off blubbering in a bath tub like one unfortunate Sim in the above trailer.

Now, as far as I was aware, The Sims have always had some sort of emotion, whether it’s desperation for the toilet, panic because they’re about to drown, or sheer terror as their house burns to the ground because they couldn’t cook an egg properly, but hey I’m always open to change! In the trailer that you can see above we’re introduced to boredom, excitement, anger, inspiration and upset all in a short one minute clip. Oh boy!

The Sims 4 is set for release on PC in September, with a Mac release to follow.

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