Cortana, Microsoft’s virtual personal assistant has had a perfect record of predicting World Cup results thus far correctly predicting the outcome of eight World Cup matches since it received an update to do so. It looks like Apple wants to spoil Microsoft’s fun and have included World Cup predictions in a new update for their virtual personal assistant, Siri.

Earlier this week Apple introduced a similar prediction functionality to Siri but nfortunately, it seems, Siri doesn’t quite have the same confidence as Microsoft’s Cortana, as Apple’s virtual assistant offers up some fairly non-committal results. Of the France and Germany match which is set to kick off in a few hours, Siri says:  “It’s a tossup (if you’ve got a coin, heads says France win, tails says Germany)” and of the Columbia and Brazil match, Siri offers this piece of advice: “I don’t have the line on this one, but Colombia has a better record than Brazil.”

Finally for tomorrows match between The Netherlands and Mexico, Siri seems to offer a more solid suggestion as to who will win based on previous performances, but that’s easily something you could conjure up on pen and paper.

My bets are on Cortana who has previously predicted that Germany will beat France and Brazil will beat Columbia – though I’m still not reliant enough on technology to place any serious bets, despite Cortana’s track record.

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