Sniper Elite 3, Hunt the Grey Wolf DLC Review.

This review is going to probably be the shortest review here on n3 as the extra DLC mission which was a pre-order bonus for Sniper Elite 3 can be completed in around 15 minutes depending on your skill level or what difficulty you choose, but with that said, Hunt the Grey Wolf adds some extra replayability to Sniper Elite 3 for those who have completed the main campaign and are (still) struggling to get into an online game, so without further adieu how does this extra, previously pre-order exclusive DLC, hold up? Is it worth it, or is it a misfire?

Hunt the Grey Wolf throws you back into the sandy boots of Karl Fairburne as he literally dives back into the pits of hell, or at least the dark moonlit city of Tobruk to hunt the one and only, Adolf Hitler, or at least who could be Adolf Hitler. See, this mission is a little different to the main campaign in the way that it gives us a choice as to the outcome of the mission, in a way, Hunt the Grey Wolf is about as open ended as a toilet roll tube. This mission tasks players with finding clues as to the real identity of the target you’re required to assassinate, until eventually the time comes to decide whether to take Hitler down, or let him go if you believe he’s a doppelganger.

One of the main features of this mission is that “no two playthrough’s will ever be the same,” according to the DLC’s description, but unfortunately this isn’t really the case. I’ve played through this mission a fair few times hoping that enemy positions would change and perhaps the way you tackled the level would be a bit different, but sadly the only things that change are the clues left for you by guards, and the the way “Hitler” acts when he eventually rolls up for a five minute sit-down. Once you’ve made your decision to either kill him or let him free, that’s it, the game ends. I half expected the mission to require you to sort the real Hitler out from the doppelgangers, but that wasn’t the case at all.

The story itself is a little forgettable too once you’ve played it through for the first time and really requires you to have some knowledge of history, for example, Hitler is left handed, he doesn’t drink, and he often gave away gold watches, so if the Hitler that turns up at the climax of the mission, does the opposite to all of these, he’s a fake. Once you’re aware of this, you do get more of a sense of immersion to the game, but if you paid zero attention in History class, you’ll likely just pop him off regardless.

Oh and did I mention Charlie Brooker is there too? That’s an odd cameo.

Sniper Elite 3, Hunt the Grey Wolf DLC Review. - n3rdabl3

Thankfully the game has several different outcomes which require you to replay the mission several times to experience each one, these mostly involve the way you decide to assassinate the Fuhrer, whether it’s a shot to the head, a shot in the testicles, death by grenade, or an assassination on-the-go as he tries to leave. This does add replayability to the game as well as a handful of achievements for those achievement hunters out there. This mission also offers a new feature, the ability to choose your sniping position for when the target arrives, I’d have liked this choice in the main campaign as it adds a sense of uncertainty to the game with you wondering whether you made the right choice.

Once you’ve assassinated the Fuhrer, you’re then required to escape which isn’t too difficult considering your exit is guarded by just three enemy soldiers.

Overall, Hunt the Grey Wolf is a fantastic addition to Sniper Elite 3. It not only adds replayability to the core game, but it also adds some extra little features keeping the overall game fresh and interesting. I’d have liked the map to have been a little bigger as I found it quite linear compared to the massive open maps present in the campaign, and as I mentioned I’d have liked enemy positions to switch-out when you re-play the mission. But the gameplay and the mission as a whole completely outshines the down-sides I previously mentions and I would certainly recommend dropping a few quid on this extra mission.

This review is based on the Xbox One version of Sniper Elite 3, Hunt the Grey Wolf DLC provided by 505 Games.

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