Sniper Elite 3’s pre-order bonus DLC, “Hunt of the Grey Wolf,” which gives players the task of finding and assassinating Adolf Hitler, is now available for all console players to purchase and download, today. I mean, who wouldn’t want that DLC?

First released and a pre-order bonus, the Hunt of the Grey Wolf, DLC is now available to PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, xbox 360 and Xbox One players via the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace for $8. The mission sees players tasked with infiltrating a North African town filled with various clues as to the whereabouts of nefarious dictator, Adolf Hitler, among a handful of Hitler look-a-likes.

As with the main game, the city of Tobruk is an open environment where players can navigate the terrain as they please, and according to 505 Games, the games publisher, each play-through of the mission will be different because locations and identities of targets are always randomised.

The release of the DLC on PC is yet to be announced,

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