Sony Could Bring Crash Bandicoot Back from the Dead.

Okay, so it’s a little harsh to say that Crash Bandicoot is dead, because in reality he’s far from it. Sure, we might not have seen a new Crash Bandicoot game since 2008’s Crash: Mind over Mutant, but in terms of the classic games, Crash Bandicoot is still as popular as ever. Over the past year or so we’ve had rumours, leaks, and hints that Crash will be making a return, but we’re yet to see anything manifest, there’s many reasons for this, but Sony are apparently in “discussions” over bringing our lovable little marsupial to the modern age.

One of the first games I purchased on my Vita was Crash Bandicoot, and ever since I’ve been playing it non stop. Despite the PS One graphics, the game still holds up as one of, if not the best platfromers from the PS One era, so to hear that he may be making a return makes be a very happy guy!

This week, Sony’s Andrew House has been discussing the return of one of the most beloved characters in gaming history. Unfortunately it isn’t a simple case of putting a team together and starting development as Sony only published three games in the series and now Crash belongs to Activision, who doesn’t seem to be doing a whole lot with him.

“This is very dangerous ground,” said Sony’s Andrew House in an interview with The Telegraph.  ”In concept, it is something we’ve been thinking about and discussing, and this is a shift for us. We’ve started to say that maybe there isn’t anything wrong with going back and looking at characters that people still talk about, that were a big part of either their childhood or their youth. I definitely wouldn’t close the door on that.”

But currently Activision stand in their way. We could see the two team up together like they did with Call of Duty for the Vita, but the likelihood of that happening, considering how much we all want another Crash game, might mean a fair bit of cash being put on the table.

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