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In a recent interview with the German website Gamestar, Yager, the studio behind Spec Ops: The Line, the amazing anti-war third person shooter, talked about a sequel to the game. While Spec Ops: The Line was well received by both fan and journalists this didn’t translate into sales. The poor sales acutely hurt publisher Take Two’s finances. 

It is unclear if Take Two had unrealistic sales goals for the game. Square Enix were famously disappointed by the Tomb Raider reboot’s early sales, even though it easily sold well over 6 million copies. The game did have an incredibly long development cycle, taking five years to create, so it is unsurprising it didn’t make its money back.

Yager are apparently happy to leave the game as a standalone experience. “If you can’t compete with the big ones, the risk is too big. The market for ‘smart’ or ‘intellectual’ games is too niche. Elitist, almost.” said Timo Ullman the managing director of Yager. The team seems to be happy to work on something else as they were affected on an emotional level. “You can imagine what kind of reference material you have to review. That’s not fun,”

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One hell of an opening

Spec Ops: The Line was recently available as part of the humble 2K bundle, hopefully if you got it as part of the bundle you will give it a go. The game followed Captain Martin Walker, as he and two other delta operators are sent into a Dubai destroyed by storms. Walker’s attempts to find his former commanding officer Konrad, who led his troops in an attempt to help save the people attempting to flee Dubai. As Walker works his way through the desert and former buildings, things get darker and darker. The ending will not be a surprise to any one that pays attention but it is still shocking. 

Spec Ops: The Line dealt with some incredibly dark subjects that appear daily on the news, including an unforgettable scene that forces the player to firebomb an enemy encampment only to find refugees inside.

Yager are currently working on the space shooter Dreadnaught and Dead Island 2 which was announced at this years E3. 

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