Dragon Quest X

What? An MMO on the Nintendo 3DS? You’re kidding, right? Apparently not.

Square Enix has announced that their MMORPG, Dragon Quest X is heading to the 3DS on September 4 in Japan, well, sort of. It won’t technically be running on the 3DS as the Nintendo console version will be coming to the device by means of cloud streaming, similar to the Android version of the game.

The game, though subscription based, will still come at a cost of 3,800 yen (around £22) and will give players a 60 day free membership. What’s more, players of the 3DS version will also be able to play with other players on Wii, Wii U, PC, or Android. For those interested in the subscription model, players will be able to grab the following subscription packages:

  • 3-day pass: 350 yen + tax
  • 10-day pass: 650 yen + tax
  • 30-day pass: 1,500 yen +tax

Unfortunately right now, no release date outside Japan has been announced.


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