For those itching to get their hands on Sunset Overdrive, the colourful, open world, insanely hectic, third-person shooter from Insomniac Games, will of course have to wait until the October 28th release date to do so, and though players can already pre-order the game in store, what about those wanting to pre-order the game digitally? Right now that’s not possible, but it’s coming soon according to Insomniac.

Pre-ordering games on the Xbox One is a highly anticipated feature that those with PlayStation 4’s already get to make the most of. Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has already revealed that they’re currently working on bringing digital pre-orders and pre-downloads of games to the Xbox One, but hasn’t revealed anything in regards to a date for this feature to arrive.

Thankfully Insomniac Games, the developers behind the aforementioned game, has shed a little light on when we’ll be able to digitally pre-order not only Sunset Overdrive, but other games, and it’s a little sooner than we thought.

Speaking on Sunset TV, community manager Brandon Winfrey was asked whether those who purchased Sunset Overdrive digitally on the Xbox One, would still get the Day One edition of the game, “Yes, if you preorder the game digitally, you will get the Day One Edition content. You can’t preorder it digitally yet, but soon you will be able to.”

Though it’s not a definitive date as to when the pre-order feature will be coming, we know it’ll be before the release of Sunset Overdrive on October 28. Those that do buy the digital edition of the game will also receive a “nifty gifty exclusive.” Yep. Insomniac Games everyone…

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