brandon routh

Is it a bird, is it plane? No! It’s to small to see. It could be just be Brandon Routh, though. The very same Brandon Routh that took on Superman Returns, the same Brandom Routh that many felt had become the next in line for the curse of Superman, and the very same Brandon Routh who’s joining the cast of Arrow.

In season three of Arrow, Routh will be joining the cast as Ray Palmer AKA The Atom. Ray Palmer is a professor in Ivy Town who can change his size at will, just like Antman. Palmer was featured heavily in Identity Crisis with his wife setting off a set of shocking events. His most iconic story line was when the hero discovered an ancient world at atomic level.

This isn’t Palmer’s first live action role however as he appeared in the short lived Justice League TV show which garnered massive criticism, and of course played Daniel Shaw in Chuck, and Todd Ingram in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

I hear he really grows on your after a while.

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