Tekken 7

At San Diego Comic-Con this past weekend, attendees got an extended look at the Tekken 7 trailer which was first unveiled at EVO earlier this month. As you might expect, it’s the same trailer as before, but longer – so I guess it’s twice as awesome, yeah?

Unfortunately we’re yet to see any gameplay of the upcoming Tekken release, but what we do see is the introduction of a new key character of the series, Kazumi Mishima, who as you probably know if you’re a fan of the series, was born with the same Devil gene as his mother, Kazumi Mishima. The trailer focuses on Kazumi who says that she needs to take down Heihachi, which we all know doesn’t go too well, she also points out the lives that he’ll ruin, and makes him out to be a real bad guy, that is until she proclaims her love for him..

Tekken 7 has been tagged as the conclusion to the Mishima family Saga, so it’ll be interesting to see how that goes down – obviously not without a fight, of course – heh.

Tekken 7 will be powered by the Unreal Engine, there are no current details as to what platform the game will land on, but rumours suggest that it’ll land on previous-gen consoles.

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