Remember the days where you were a favourite among your friends because you had snake on your mobile phone? Before the turn of the century that game was one of the best games ever invented but it took up so much memory on your phone.

Well now, researchers at Rice university in Huston believe that they have found a way to contain 1 Terabyte (TB) or data into a component the size of a postage stamp. Chemist, James Tour, led the team of researcher and was quoted in Rice Universities newsletter saying “Our technology is the only one that satisfies every market requirement, both from a production and a performance standpoint, for nonvolatile memory,” Tour said. “It can be manufactured at room temperature, has an extremely low forming voltage, high on-off ratio, low power consumption, nine-bit capacity per cell, exceptional switching speeds and excellent cycling endurance.”

The new form of Resistive RAM (RRAM) which can be created using every day normal equipment at room temperature meaning that it could be used for all sorts of devices including smartphones as well as many other types of memory storing devices. This new discovery means that where there are currently using metals, like gold or platinum, in electrical products, it can be replaced with a really light silicon material which with do the same job to conduct the information.

The RRAM is resistant to heat and uses less power than previous methods have and to top it off, the component will be able to hold triple the amount of data to what is currently available. This has captured many manufacturers’ eyes and is likely to started being tested to see how well it will work in replacement of existing manufacturing.

But what would you do with a Terabyte of data on your mobile? That’s about two million photos, 250,000 songs or 1400 films. Would you ever need that much data?!

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