Respawn Entertainment is continuing their trend of sharing more details about each map featuring in their upcoming DLC packs and have released more information surrounding the Dig Site map that’ll be arriving in the Frontier’s Edge map pack which is set to launch on Xbox consoles and PC soon.

Dig Site sees both the Militia and IMC battling it out over a dig site surrounded by sheer rock walls which offer “natural protection against air assault,” this map provides short and medium-range engagement for pilots whilst Titans are left to battle it out head to head in a narrow pathways between the industrial processing buildings. Once again both Pilots and Titans are separated in this map offering more one-on-one battles between the two.

Respawn has also released some screenshots of Dig Site which you can see below. As for a release date, once again the developers are keeping quiet, building hype around the maps before letting the release date loose.

dig_site dig_site_03 dig_site_02

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