Titanfall – Frontier’s Edge DLC released July 31st

The second instalment of DLC of the critically acclaimed Titanfall will be coming to Xbox One consoles and PC’s on July 31st. This was recently confirmed by Respawn on a live-stream for the DLC. The Xbox 360 version will not be coming at the end of this month but will arrive a short month after.

The next big update was also announced in the same live-stream is set to include the Black Market and in-game currency (still no micro-transactions, which is great news). Other fixes in this update provides support for multi-GPU set-ups on PC, general bug fixes and also an alert for when flag carriers are riding your Titan in CTF. Frontier’s Edge includes three new maps ; Dig Site, Haven and Export.

The DLC will cost £7.99 and you can save a few quid by purchasing the season pass (Includes all 3 DLC packs) for £19.99.

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