The follow up the to first Titanfall DLC pack Expedition has been announced by Respawn Entertainment, titled Frontier’s Edge. The new DLC will come again with three new maps – Haven, Export and Dig Site.

Haven will be set within a beach resort, Export will take place on a mountainside mining camp, and Dig Site will be – fitting of the name – a mining outpost.

Besides revealing the somewhat creative map names coming to the new DLC, the cost of Frontier’s Edge was also revealed to be the same as the last DLC pack, $9.99 for the individual download, and $24.99 for Titanfall’s season pass, which will also entitle you to the first DLC pack, Expedition.

We don’t yet know the release date, but hopefully the Marked for Death game mode, new matchmaking and gameplay tweaks (including a very frustrating loss in power for the assault rifle) will be enough to keep the game fresh for those still actively playing it.

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