It’s looking even more likely that Homefront: The Revolution might not happen, that is if the latest reports are to believed. Following the news that Crytek UK are in some serious financial trouble, the company is faced with another staff walk-out, this time Homefront: The Revolution game director Hasit Zala who has apparently walked away from the project, that is according to sources speaking with Kotaku.

The latest report from Kotaku reveals that not only are the company still in trouble, but according to sources, Zala himself has walked out, resigning from his position as the game director for the upcoming Homefront game, he was also the franchise director for the free-to-play shooter Warface. Along with Zala, Ben Harris has also left the studio along with many other employees who are still yet to be paid.

Kotaku has heard the news from three sources within the company. “It creates a weird scenario as there are now no upper management,” said a person connected to Crytek UK. “Everything is just continuing on a downwards spiral.”

“People haven’t been paid for a long time,” said a second person connected to the studio.

There’s rumour that Crytek may be looking towards publisher Deep Silver to throw a lifeline hopefully acquiring the Nottingam, UK based studio and continue to fund development on Homefront: The Revolution, but right now both companies are remaining quiet.

Right now the future of Homefront: The Revolution is looking even more bleak, the same goes for the company, but with everyone remaining pretty quiet surrounding the situation, we’re all just left guessing.

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