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Ubisoft have announced a bunch of additional content that’s coming to Watch Dogs, tomorrow. The new pack will include three missions, upgrades and weapons. The Palace Single Player Mission, Signature Shot Single Player Mission and the Breakthrough Single Player Mission were originally available with special edition of the game. The pack will also include The Biometric Rifle and the Auto-6 pistol, Dedsec Battery Boost, a Blume Weapon Boost, a Driving Master boost and an ATM Hack boost.

The DLC has been available to season pass holders for the past week and will be coming to the rest of us tomorrow. The season pass will also include a new single play campaign focusing on T Bone, another hacker met while playing as Aiden. T Bones Campaign will also be available to season pass holders one week early.

Watch Dogs is a open world hacking game based around Aiden Pierce search for revenge. After an attempt on his life results on the death his niece Aiden uses all the skills available to him to track and take down the people responsible. We gave Watch Dogs 4.2 out of 5 in our review which can be found here.

Watch Dogs is available on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One now and will become coming to the Wii U later on this year.

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