Canonica, the developers behind the Linux operating system, Ubuntu, and the mobile OS of almost the same name, Ubuntu Touch, has released some pretty impressive statistics surrounding their mobile OS. Surprising mostly because the mobile OS doesn’t actually officially run on any smartphone or tablet, yet. Canonical has revealed that the Ubuntu Touch has received over 100,000 app downloads from the Ubuntu for devices software store.

Okay, so it’s not quite the billions of downloads that apps such as Gmail and Google Maps have achieved, but for a mobile OS that isn’t actually officially on any hardware just yet, is a pretty impressive number nonetheless. Canonical have said that the 100,000 figure “represents new app installs and updates.”

Overall Ubuntu Touch has been installed onto compatible handsets over 10,000 times by both developers of the platform and beta testers which again, considering there’s no official hardware for the device, shows that the software is being adopted well and that support for the unreleased OS is quite high.

Ubuntu Touch is, technically speaking, ready for an official release but Canonical still seem to be inking deals with OEM’s to manufacture Ubuntu Touch smartphone, so an official release date for the software is still unknown.

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