Earlier this year, Sony jumped ship from the laptop game and sold off their VAIO PC division to Japan Industrial Partners, thankfully that wasn’t the end of VAIO laptops as VAIO have today announced the launch of two new VAIO laptops, one being a smaller 11.6-inch or a larger 13.3-inch screen, the other is a much larger, bulkier 15-inch offering. Alongside the announcements, the company revealed that its now “free” and that things are going to change.

During the company’s event in Tokyo today, they revealed that they’re now a “small” PC maker and revealed two laptops that, unfortunately for those wanting something different, are identical to the Pro and Fit models the parent company launched around a year ago. Both laptops are set to go on sale today, but as for availability elsewhere it seems that VAIO has no plans and will be focusing on Japan first.

The VAIO Pro is available in both 11.6-inch and 13.3-inch sizes, with “up to” 4GB RAM. The Pro has an Intel Core i7, with Windows 8.1 onboard, it also comes with an 11.5 hour battery. The 15-inch Vaio Fit on the other hand is slightly bulkier and comes with similar specs as the Fit. Both laptop variants include a Full HD Triluminous display, previously a Sony only technology.

Hopefully VAIO and these two (or three depending on how you look at it) new laptops will hold true to the VAIO’s released under Sony’s wing. VAIO may also have some more laptops on the way as they spoke a lot about “choice” during the announcement today.

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