As part of the release for Season 5 of The Walking Dead, AMC are teaming up with Next Games to bring us a new game, The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land. The above trailer is hot off the press and never been seen before! It’ll make it’s world debut at San Diego Comic Con next week.

The trailer doesn’t give a lot away but let’s face it. We expect that from most trailers anyway. What we did see was four survivors holed up in building with perhaps one of the group being left behind due to injury or maybe even a walker bite? As the camera pans away from the building we see a large group of walkers moving towards the house.

It has been stated that the game will feature themes similar to the hit TV Series where players fight for survival and make critical choices, choices that are meant to ‘the most human’. I suspect there’s some ruthless people reading this now though that may have other plans.

“Our approach is to stay true to the main themes of the TV show: survival strategy, finding safety for your people, balancing between right and wrong and, of course, action when it comes to fighting against the hordes of walkers. We respect the creators of The Walking Dead immensely and want this game to portray the world they have created as closely as possible,”

And there’s a pretty good team behind it too. Next Games, who you may not of heard of were founded designers from Rovio, Supercell and Disney. So we can expect great things from this game.

The game is a smartphone / tablet game only, which platforms they will be released on is anyone’s guess but I think we will more than likely see it on both iOS and Android.

The game as stated in the trailer will be released ‘Early 2015’ which will coincide with the mid-season premier of The Walking Dead Season 5. In just two days we will be getting the first trailer for Season 5 too. It’s been a pretty exciting week for fans of the series.

Share your thoughts on the game below. What would you like to see? Where would you like it to be set?

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