**Update** Everyone outside of the US will probably of had trouble watching the above video. Please follow the link here to watch the video if you are out of the USA

It is here! It is finally here and my god does it look good. Where do we start?! My personal opinion, watch the trailer and continue to read once you’ve witnessed what’s to come for The Walking Dead Season 5. The official trailer is fresh from Comic Con and is the world premier. I’m surprised at just how much we saw too! Three minutes and twenty nine seconds of adrenaline pumping, walker killing, gun shooting, brain splatting, fan teasing epicness.

It looks like we’re set to see just how twisted Gareth and the rest of Terminus may be. And it also looks like some sort of agreement is reached between Ricks group and the Terminus  group. Who is going to come out on top though? We’ll just have to wait and see! We’re going to see just how “they’re screwing with the wrong people”. The trailer opens with the cliff hanger line from season 4 and then Eugene telling the group to move as some sort of smoke and explosion happens within the cart they are held in. “Nothing was personal” a line directed to Rick as he and others from the group kneel bound and gagged.

On the 12th October 2014 we will see The Walking Dead return to our screens and just going off the trailer we can expect possibly one of the best season yet. We see Rick reunited with baby Judith so we know that Tyreese and Carol will somehow make their way to Terminus. We hear Rick make threats to someone, presumably Gareth. We see a massive explosions. Just about the only thing we don’t see is Beth… Oh wait we see her too! Stay till the very end of the trailer and we see the youngest of the Greene sisters for the first time after she was mysteriously taken at the end of Season 4.

At 2:22 we see a very quick look at Seth Gilliam who has been confirmed to play Father Gabrial.

I personally can’t wait for The Walking Dead to return. I’m currently on Season 3 of my re-watch and if I slow down a little I might just time this perfectly for minimal wait time.

Share your thoughts on the trailer in the comments below and just how excited you are for The Walking Dead to return. What are you excited to see the most?

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