A new quote from Lauren Cohen, who plays Maggie in the incredibly popular AMC Series, The Walking Dead, suggests that some of what has been filmed maybe too disturbing for TV broadcast.

“This episode is so disturbing. Some of the the stuff they shot yesterday, I don’t know if it’ll make it to TV,” she said to UnDead HQ.

If you’re new to the series and haven’t read the comic books, there’s spoilers below.

If the show is sticking to comic story line this suggests that the Teminus crew will take on the role of the hunters. In the comics the hunters were a group of cannibals responsible for the murder of one of the main group members, Rick, with a few of the others taking revenge on the hunters in an incredibly brutal way.

American TV has never really had trouble showing of torture (24) or violence (most shows) so its hard to imagine what would be to disturbing with even rape scenes becoming more common (despite the controversy that comes with it). Hopefully “so disturbing” doesn’t mean sexual violence against any of the younger cast members, though that almost happened to Carl near the end of the last season, we see enough of that on the British News at the moment.

The Walking Dead season 5 will be returning to our screens in October. When we last saw Rick and the others they we being locked in a train storage car by another group of survivors.

Below you can find the video in which the quote originated.

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