Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 was announced only yesterday, but already there’s some leaked footage available giving us look at the games gameplay. Sadly it is off-screen and is filmed on a crotch cam, so there’s no real indication whether the graphics have been improved, but it’s something, right?

The footage, uploaded to YouTube by Felipe Mestre, shows off a match between Manchester United and Juventus Football Club played on the PlayStation 4 taken from a gaming event in Brazil. It’s likely that the footage will be eventually taken down by Konami so watch it whilst you can!

Click here for the full announcement details of PES 2015 which discusses how the game will fully utilise the FOX Engine this time around as well as real-time lighting that changes through the course of the match. There was also the brief mention of microtransactions too, but we’ll have more on that when Konami reveals it.

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