Western Digital are making a 6 Terabyte Hard Drive

That’s right, if a couple of Terabytes weren’t enough to store all your games and “borrowed” films, then Western Digital have the potential solution for you.

The new hard drives are part of Western Digital’s pricey but up market and reliable “Red” series and are primarily aimed at households and small offices, but I imagine they may just prove popular with the gaming community too.

WD will be releasing two new drives in the Red series; a 5 TB drive for $250 and the 6TB unit for $300, both of which are already available at US retailers. Currently there is no word on a UK release or price.

What about hard drive noise you say? Well Western Digital will also be releasing two equally-sized units in their “Green” line which aims to make “cool and quiet” HDDs.

The company have been manufacturing hard drives and innovating the market for many, many years and the company is well-known for making very reliable, but not necessarily, the fastest hard drives and storage solutions. It was only a matter of time before we saw a jump in storage size again.

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