A ton of information surrounding the upcoming Destiny Beta for PlayStation and Xbox systems has been leaked, revealing information on what’s included in the beta as well as installation sizes for both systems, there’s also word that the beta will include planets other than Earth.

Fresh details surrounding the Destiny Beta, which begins on PlayStation on July 17 and Xbox on July 23, have been revealed in a letter sent to GameStop and EB Games store managers. The letter, according to reddit users, reports that the beta will include, “four story chapters, four competitive multiplayer maps, a cooperative Strike, and a huge world to explore with your own unique Guardian”.

Previous leaks suggest that players will also be able to escape the confinements of Earth and head to other planets. This comes as a result of images posted on Bungie’s official blog, who stated that there were ‘hidden clues’ tucked away. The images closely match up to concept images of Mars and Venus which Bungie previously released, because of that, it’s presumed that in the Beta players will be able to head to other planets.

Finally, another reddit user has discovered the download size for the Destiny Beta on the Xbox One which is a fairly hefty 12.6GB, another reddit commenter also revealed that the PlayStation 4 Beta would be a much larger 15GB in size.

The Destiny Beta gives PlayStation players ten days to play the Beta, whereas Xbox players will only have 4, maybe less if the download takes a couple of days to download..

Are you hopping into the Destiny Beta later this week?

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