If you’re into making big, sweaty, muscular men grope and hug each other, you may be interested to hear who will be appearing as the pre-order bonus guest in this year’s update to the WWE gaming brand… It’s Sting! You might have guessed that already from the title.

Yes, if you lay the cash down on WWE 2k15’s candy ass, you’ll receive two retro versions of ex-WCW and Impact Wrestling star, Sting. One, from the glory days of WCW when he could have been mistaken for the Ultimate Warrior with short, blonde hair and the other when Steve Borden obviously had a thing for The Crow.

Due to a recent coming to the WWE, Sting is obviously a popular choice for wrestling fans young and old, sitting perfectly alongside the usual Hall of Famers that pepper the roster list every year and joining the new faces that I have no idea about now. Everyone seems to have their own, boring names and sport beards like ZZ Top now control the entire population’s fashion by mind control or subliminal messaging in their music.

The best thing you could probably do, like me when I decide to grab a wrestling game, is repeatedly punch John Cena and use Sting’s repertoire of submission moves to make him cry like the little girl he is and finally hitting the Scorpion Death Drop on that smug face of his. I’m sure many of you out there play wrestling games just for that too.

Ahem… Anyway. WWE 2k15 has a scheduled release date of the 31st of October 2014 so that all you lycra-loving jabronis can grapple with your favourite hulking heroes.

'The Rock says you need three fillings and a gum scrape, Roody-poo!'
‘The Rock says you need three fillings and a gum scrape, Roody-poo!’

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