Xbox One Sales “More Than Double” in Just One Month

On Wednesday, Microsoft released sales numbers for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 from May to June. Numbers grew – a lot. Particularly for the Xbox One. Although they released sales numbers a day earlier than the competition, (possibly indicating they still haven’t taken down the PS4 in the rankings) the Xbox Wire article stated that Xbox One sales had doubled since removing Kinect from boxes and lowering the price from $499.99 to $399.99.

The article also made sure to mention these numbers were sold through to customers, not just to retailers, but they were based off of internal retail calendars. The Xbox 360 was also said to still be getting “solid growth.”

Moving into what is proving to be a sparse summer for new releases on all consoles, these results are not necessarily surprising, but certainly point to Microsoft finally cornering their market and finally earning back the trust of consumers.

The particular numbers of Kinect-less consoles sold vs. those paired with the peripheral were not made clear, but logic dictates that it would be a large difference.

It will be interesting to see if my earlier predictions that the Xbox One would outsell PS4 by the end of 2014 will come to fruition. The great news is that it doesn’t seem console gaming is going anywhere anytime soon.

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