Last month, Microsoft unveiled exactly what July’s Xbox One update will include, one of which being an ideal feature for Achievement Hunters, the ability to “snap” your achievements along side your game so you know exactly what to work on next. This is joined by a new double-tap to Snap feature and voice control support in new regions, and it’s set to roll out some time this week.

The update, which was first outlined earlier last month, introduces the new Achievement Snap feature, which you can see in more detail above, that allows players to track their achievement progress whilst they play the game. Along with this is a new way to open the snap window, by double tapping the controller button, this also allows players to switch between snapped windows.

With this update players will have the ability to “like” DVR clips and a more voice control support for New Zealand and Ireland in English-language and Austria in the German language option will also be introduced.

Be sure to keep an eye on your Xbox One’s “Update Now” button in order to get the update once it’s available.

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