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Xiaomi is a company I’m always keeping my eye on. Their range of Mi and RedMi handsets as well as their MIUI OS are exactly the sort of devices I want to get my hands onto but unfortunately the company is yet to really expand outside of it’s Asian territory. Despite this lack of worldwide reach, Xiaomi are doing incredibly well, so much so that their latest flagship device, the Mi3 has shifted over 10 million handsets, to celebrate this whopping milestone the company are releasing a gold Mi3.

The Gold Mi3 has been rumoured for some time, and now it’s finally become a reality. This thin, but powerful device is no different to the original Mi3 other than the colour option, which boasts a 5-inch full HD screen, Snapdragon 800, 2GB of RAM and a 13-megapixel camera. The release of the gold handset appears to only be limited to China right now, with no word on whether the device will become available in other Asian countries at a later date.

As usual, a western release isn’t on the cards.

The gold Mi3 is set to be priced at 1499 Yuan, that’s around £140. Though if you’re looking to grab yourself an Xiaomi device, you may want to wait for a next-gen handset, rumoured to either be the Mi3S or Mi4, which will come with 4G/LTE.

gold xiaomi

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