Buffering, we all hate it, and it’s become a First World Problem for those of us who actively browse, watch, and stream videos on a regular basis. Thankfully the team at YouTube are helping us get down to the bottom of the problem of slow-loading videos, by subtly pointing the blame at the consumers Internet Service Provider.

In an effort to improve your video watching experience, the YouTube development team has launched pop-up warning messages letting you know that there’s a reason why your video is of low quality, or is lagging profusely. Thanks to a new pop-up which reads “Experiencing Interruptions?” users can discover why their humorous cat video is taking so long to load by clicking a “Find Out Why” button.

This takes users to a ‘Google Video Quality Report’ local to their position which shows them statistics on video consumption times within the area as well as offering the chance to see what service you could experience from other ISP’s. ISP’s with decent service in the users area will be rewarded with a “YouTube HD Verified” badge whilst others are placed in a dismal “Standard Edition” and “Lower Edition” box.

Thankfully, if those three boxes confuse you a little Google has outlined what each one means:

  • HD Verified: you should be able to consistently watch HD-quality video (at least 720p) without buffering or interruptions.
  • Standard Definition: you should be able to watch videos in Standard Definition (at least 360p) without buffering or interruptions.
  • Lower Definition: the video will play back in resolution lower than 360p, will load slowly, and may stop to re-buffer.

So if you’re getting this warning, it may be worth looking for a better ISP.

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