We all love games, and a lot of us enjoy some gaming memorabilia. A lot of the time, especially with pre-orders we receive figures or statues.

Not part of a special edition, but certainly special are the new Batman: Arkham Origins figures that will be available to buy soon. These four new figures come from Square Enix’s Play Arts Kai range, which are noted to be high quality and very accurate. Batman and Death Stroke have been on the cards for a while but we are now getting the first look at Joker and Robin figures!

Now, take a deep breath, because here come the price. $100… each. But there is a reason, they are amazing. They aren’t for just anybody, they’re meant to be for the biggest of fans. The figures are poseable and come with accessories to get more bang for all those bucks… especially if you buy all four.

It’s rumored that Batman and Death Stroke will be ready to order in the next few days and that The Joker and Robin will be coming January 2015

The figures can be pre-ordered now from a number of third part distributors or from the Square Enix Store.

If you’re interested in seeing the figures before you take the plunge, look below!

Are you interested in these figures? Let us know in the comments below what you think of them!

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