Now as we all know the Ice Bucket challenge is quite popular and has been trending on social media recently, especially with tech big-wigs such as Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg getting cold in aid of charity. The latter of the two, Zuckerberg challenged Microsoft founder Bill Gates to either tip a bucket of Ice water or donate to fighting ALS, which he did. Most of the wealthy people taking part in this are donating money as well getting soaked. 

Once you have completed the challenge you then challenge other people to do it and they then have 24 hours to complete it.

With Bill Gates being who he is no one was remotely surprised when he uploaded the video of him creating a mechanism to drench himself with icy water.  His production included a drafting table, a small scale model and even a welding torch ending the video with a very wet Bill Gates.

Check out the video above. What’s the best Ice Bucket Challenge video you’ve seen so far? Leave a comment below!

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