At Gamescom, Germany, yesterday Sledgehammer Games revealed the multiplayer mode of their new entry into Call of Duty.

Advanced Warfare is set in the near future of 2054, so technology plays an even bigger part in the multiplayer this time around. Every player’s character is equipped with an exo-skeleton or an EXO as they’re being called and as seen in the E3 demo earlier this year, you can use this to jump further than normal to take advantage of your enemies.

In multiplayer, it’s used in the same fashion and gives the usual Call of Duty multiplayer experience a sense of verticality that gives a brand new level of strategy to the game. Included in this new jumping mechanic, is air dashing, which allows you to quickly divert your direction mid-air and avoid incoming fire or get to an objective quicker. There’s also the ability to use the boost to slide, dash and preform a ground pound all of which run on a battery that’ll obviously run down the more you use it.

The EXO also gives players options in what equipment and abilities they can take into battle as well. With the Pick 13 system (a redone version of the Pick-Ten from Black Ops 2) allows you to mix and match in anyway you want, giving a hefty amount of customization to players.

The game allows for you to change the look of your individual soldier to however you feel. Either a super serious look or, be as goofy as the game lets you go.

Other things included are new perks. While old ones return, new perks focused around the use of the EXO allow you to perhaps take advantage of extra battery or use your gun while traversing in a sprint or sliding. These come out of your 13 picks, but if you like to move that bit faster or heal quicker, they’re going to be something you’re probably going to be mulling over for a while. Or pick a couple! That’s what this whole Pick 13 system is about.

The riot shield makes a triumphant return, but in that all futuristic fashion now. It runs off of the energy in the suit, allowing you to do what a riot shield would do: deflect bullets.

call of duty exo

Not returning in the perk system, is deathstreaks. In Modern Warfare 2 and 3, they’d give players that were dying to often a chance at revenge by powering them up slightly. But, with all the options available to players to cheat death, it’s only fair that they be removed. Though they might be removed, the scorestreaks are still represented and pretty hard. Updated to give you even more options on top of the base choices, they work in a familiar fashion to previous games. Racking up points gets you the rewards Call of Duty is known for. Calling in a turret? That can be upgraded with the cost of more points required to spawn it. These Score Streaks can also be chosen individually, but count towards your Pick 13 bank.

From the trailers, it seems that scorestreaks are bringing back the usual rewards like Airstrikes, Drones, and other stuff that shoots bullets in a different way to you. They’re also including team-based scorestreaks that will allow you to assist with other players quest to kill more people.

Also shown were some new gamemodes, with Uplink being the newest addition. In it, you carry around a ball and have to fling it about into a goal to score points. You’re unarmed, but have the ability to throw it to other players to deal with enemies or throw it to the enemy, disarming them and allowing you to go in for the kill. Regulars like Hardpoint, Domination, Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy, Capture the Flag and Kill Confirmed were shown too.

One of the most interesting changes is how you’ll acquire weapons. By levelling up, you’re not only given the usual Call of Duty treatment, but also a Supply Drop. In it, a random weapon will be given to you or other loot (this could be attachments and other gear). It’s a neat way of getting around the stagnating process of levelling up in the multiplayer, but also encourages players to actually complete the challenges.

Along with all of this, the Broadcaster mode will return and revamped for those who like to stream out their games.

For those that have pre-ordered the game, you’ll be able to access the Day Zero pack, which gives early access to the game by 24 hours. Included in this Day Zero, is double XP during the time and other goodies like a limited edition exo-skeleton and certain weapons are given early.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare releases November 4th or, November 3rd if you’re part of the Day Zero pre-orders.

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