Snapchat, the ephemeral messaging app, got its fame by offering its users the ability to send picture messages to friends that would disappear into oblivion after a certain amount of seconds. At first we didn’t think it’d take off and would just be full of people sending.. private images to each other, but it seems to have been adopted as more of a private messaging app for younger teens who feel that apps like Facebook have their parents watching over their shoulders. Since the apps success, Facebook and Instagram have all tried to create their own apps, and now Microsoft is on the case too with their new WindUp app.

WindUp is basically Snapchat, let’s not beat about the bush here. Microsoft describes the app as a way to send “fun, temporary” messages to friends. As per Snapchat you can decide how long the media is available to the user for, letting it expire and disappear after a certain time, or you can choose how many times it can be viewed before it does the same thing. Now here’s the seemingly genuis part; the reason its called WindUp is because Microsoft want you to wind up your friends as they race to see or read your message.

In the description Microsoft says, “set a low limit to ‘wind up’ your friends as they race to see what you’ve posted, or set the limit high to make your message last longer.” Because sending important information in a message that lasts only two seconds will certainly wind me up, but it’ll also cause me to uninstall the app..

WindUp is completely free and available on Windows Phone Store right now.


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