Yesterday during Microsoft’s press briefing at Gamescom, Cologne, the company revealed a brand new Fable Legends trailer which tells you the story of the villains! Why? Because in Fable Legends one player can take on the unlikely band of heroes in four-on-one battles where the Villain has control over all of the enemies in a top-down RTS kind of way. Oooooo.

Check out the Gamescom gameplay trailer above for a glimpse at the Villain gameplay and discover that the fate of Albion is left in the hands of four chickens.. Oh great.

Gameplay trailer aside, Microsoft also revealed that Fable Legends will be getting a beta! “When!!” I hear you cry? Well Microsoft confirmed yesterday that the Fable Legends Multiplayer Beta will take place on October 16! Exciting, eh? As soon as more information comes out about the beta such as how you can access it, we’ll keep you updated.

Fable Legends launches on Xbox One – a release date is yet to be revealed.

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