The clips you’ve been seeing from Sony over the past week, are linked to the mysteriously titled P.T. from new studio 7780s. More enigmatic is the fact that it reveals absolutely nothing surrounding the game’s story, other than some cryptic messages and the chance to play and interactive demo.

Yes, you heard right. If you go to the Playstation Store, you can join in with the girly screaming right at this minute by downloading the demo, turning the lights off and cowering behind your nearest mode of seating like a dog that’s been found eating the legs of your favourite table.

The message that the trailer provokes, is that it’s about an outer body experience. Either through nightmares or death I could not say but it certainly makes the grey cells fire up in thought. If you look closely at the wall in the gameplay footage, you can also see the text, ‘Push, Pan the Target, Peep’.

This could be a clue as how to approach that dodgy looking apparition in the corridor, resembling the spook from the library in Ghostbusters… I really need to play it to find out. It may be something like Slender, where lengthy, direct visual contact with the ever-stalking fiend, makes it more likely that you’ll be grabbed.

The reactions to the demo show two women in playing P.T. in night-vision, screaming their heads off at whatever has transpired after the meeting with Eleanor Twitty (look it up). Hopefully, it’s not just another one of those reactions that movies intentionally insert into their trailers, like Final Destination 3 for instance, which is not scary in the slightest of terms.

Be assured I’ll be back tomorrow with a first hand account of donning brown trousers and having to take herbal tea before bed, to dispel images of gruesome horror as I play this myself.

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