It has been announced recently that Paul Feig will take the helm of supernatural classic Ghostbusters, when the series finally gets a new film that’s been promised for years. Not quite what fans wanted but it’s certainly more likely to see release than the doomed sequel that we all hoped for.

Reports have been surfacing, that Sony have been eyeing Feig to take over from Ivan Reitman, who left the project due to the passing of co-writer of the original movie and Egon Spengler actor, Harold Ramis.

According to a number of articles, the new Ghostbusters will have an all female main cast, made up of comedy actresses. This is not peculiar for Paul Feig, as he has worked on titles such as Bridesmaids and The Heat, both with women in strong leading roles.

Most sites seem to have missed the point, that there has already been mention of a female lead in a Ghostbusters movie. Not so long ago, Eliza Dushku was rumoured to be in talks with Dan Aykroyd, a long-time friend, about being a part of Ghostbusters 3. A full female cast, however, is unique news.

Whatever the outcome, Mr. Feig has a lot to live up to in rebooting of one of the biggest fan favourites of the 80’s and injecting the humour and thrills that were present in the original films.

If I could hope for one actress to appear in Ghostbusteresses or whatever it may be called, I’d put a wad of cash on Mary Lynn Rajskub, who played Chloe O’Brien in 24…

What are your thoughts on an all female cast? Should women be allowed behind the wheel of Ecto-1 or does the idea need to be deposited in the containment unit? I like the idea, as long as there’s still possibility of seeing the return of some older faces in the cast list. Let us know below in the comments section below.


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