goat 6

Yep, you head that right, the game that was never supposed to be a game but then became a game, is coming to mobile. Will it work? Probably not. Will it be hilarious? Definitely. At least, I hope it will, I mean think about it, you’ll be on the bus to work, running around a virtual world as a goat.. Sure you’d look weird, but cool weird. Right?

At GDC yesterday, Coffee Stain Studios revealed that since launch, Goat Simulator, the hilariously stupid sandbox game where you play as an overly destructive goat, had sold almost one million times which is impressive considering the stupidly insane and slightly pointless game was never supposed to be released in the first place. What’s more, the company had earned back what they put into the game in just ten minutes!

Details on both the iOS and Android release are pretty thin right now and no release dates have been announced, but the company are now definitely working on bringing it to mobile platforms. Let’s just hope it isn’t baaaaad.

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