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Without sounding too much like a grandparent.. Isn’t technology good nowadays? We’ve got the ability to search answers to almost any question in an instant, we can have a wealth of information on our wrists, our smartphones can communicate with almost anyone, and now we can measure our pulse from our ears while listening to music.. What will they think of next? The Jabra Sport Pulse earphones are similar to LG’s Heart Rate Headphones but offer a full training solution with great sound.

The Jabra Sport Pulse earphones could be your full training solution right in your ear as the device measures your fitness level, consumed calories, distance, speed, pace, heart rate, heart rate zone and work-out times all within a simple Sport Life App. The device connects to your phone via standard Bluetooth connectivity and NFC allowing you to easily track everything previously mentioned by simply listening to your favourite tunes – of course, if you’re hoping to loose some weight or get fit you should probably exercise too.

Now for £199.99 they’re not cheap, but the main attraction to these headphones is of course the is the heart rate monitor and Dolby Digital Pulse sound, as well as all of the other things that the headphones can monitor. The headphones themselves contain little heart rate monitors within the earbuds that sit against the wall of your ear, the Jabra Sport Pulse Earphones also offers a variety of Eargels and Earwings to give the perfect fit, the app also lets you know if the heart rate monitor isn’t connected too which is a plus.

Now, for those worrying about their ear goop or sweat ruining the earphones, the Jabra Sport Pulse Earphones have an IP55 rating for water, dust and drop resistance, and for power it comes with around 4.5 hours of battery life for talk and music, and 10 days of standby. Oh and did I mention that they’re totaly wireless too? Just a single wire that runs around the back of your head to the other earbud is what the earphones contain so no need to get in a kerfuffle with wires and controls.

In terms of availability, you’ll be looking at October and will be available at Selfridges first.

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