Because a tool such as this sounds like a great idea.

A brand new service has popped up online which is pandering to peoples new found need to be anonymous online. The service, which was coded in a single weeked, is called Leak and it lets you anonymously and quickly send an email to whoever you please letting them know something you’ve always wanted them to know. The service is simple, add the recipients email address, decide from a drop-down box whether you’re “A Friend” or “A Co-worker” or simply, “Someone.” In the text box just below that is where you can do the damage, typing everything you’ve ever wanted to say to someone.

On one hand it seems like a great idea, there’s often times where we’d want to say something to someone but are in fear of being judged, having the words come out wrong, or getting a smack in the face, but on the other hand this could open up a new way to abuse your peers. Thankfully though, Leak has a terms of service in place – one that can involve local authorities if things go too far – and encourage users to be light hearted and have fun. Though sadly, I can’t help but see the darker side of this tool.

All in all, it seems Leak has been created with light hearted fun in mind, so go ahead and tell your co-worker how you feel about them, let someone know that they’re a great person, but can be a bit of a moron sometimes.. or if you’re stuck for ideas, why not check out some of the already sent Leaks on their website here.

Also, if you’re the sort of person that likes to browse apps like Secret and Yak, you can also sign up to get the “best of” newsletter that’ll have peoples secrets pop-up in your inbox once a week so you can see exactly what people have been saying about others.

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