With Zelda fans desperate and getting irate that a Majora’s Mask remake has only been – barely – teased, it’s the fans themselves that have taken it upon themselves to develop it.

Uploaded onto YouTube, programmer Pablo Belmonte, has recorded off-screen footage of models from the remake. Shown is the Mask Salesman, Link and Deku Link, along with a display of what appears to be the clock tower.

Its too early to make a decision on the final quality, but  it looks fantastic at the moment nonetheless. It is, however, incredibly stupid of Belmonte to upload this onto YouTube and set it for the public viewing, as Nintendo have a track record of shutting down various fan-made projects at the drop of a hat.

I hope that this passes under the real Zelda developer’s radar and we get to see it in at least a playable format but the unforgiving judgement hammer of Nintendo will probably strike it down at some point.

Here’s hoping this and Mother 4 both get the chance to be completed.


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